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Daryl Wood

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Thats an issue that I've seen posted before. It never fails that as soon as you put in your very last window you need to make a global change. You could write a script to locate and update the window data but that would require knowing vctorscript. The best way which I know you don't want to hear is the symbol...by far the best way to make a global edit. The best way to organize your symbols is to use symbol folders in the resource browser.

Pete A.

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So Pete, unless I make each window into a symbol, I would need to know all the windows parameters (manufacturer, frame finish etc.) so that I can set the default settings prior to placing any windows? Either that or edit individually every window to get the data populated?

If that is indeed the case, somebody at VW was not thinking when they conceptualized these tools. It is not at all uncommon that window data changes prior to producing finished construction drawings. Am I singing to the choir here?

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Yah...I'm a tenor....low, out of key, tone deaf and bald.

Here is what I do....I spec Pella windows for all of my projects...nothing else. I have purchased enough variety of window and doors to know that you might spec one and order another based soley on price. For the designer that can mean endless hours of work changing plans and elevations just because some guy saved a couple of bucks....well it can cost me hours of time.

So that is why I spec only Pella now after 20 years of doing it their way and I have not heard anyone complain.

I've often wondered why the big plan services show generic windows.....well there are too many choices.

I digress.

What I have done is create symbol folders for all of the variations encountered in design. I've set them up for...

Double Hung - Brick

Double Hung - Siding

Casement - Brick

Casement - Siding

...You get the idea...

I keep all of my symbols in a favorites file (dedicated) and each time I get a new project I import whatever window and doors from the many symbol folders I need for that project. Sometimes I have to make a new window or door...OK I will save it to a favorites folder and add to my symbol library.

The libraries can grow....50...60...100 symbols...and some I will never go back to...but what if...you know.

Once I have all of my windows in a project installed and lets say a homeowner changes her mind on the style or manf I can edit the symbols in that project globally making revisions and if I like any of the changes I will save them to my favorites.

I have a favorites file called "Crap that I will never use again"....guess what...I go there all of the time and see if I have something close to save myself some time....

After you get a bunch of symbols you will need to find a way to organize them...talk to Islandmon...he has been doing this much longer than me and probably has stuff in his libraries that would curl you toenails.

digress again....

That is the cool part about VW symbols....make one...save it...use it on multiple projects...globally edit it within a resident project....if you like what you've done save it as a new symbol and as Petri would so eloquently put it...."Bob's you're Uncle"....except for the fact that Bob is my uncle...really old and lives in NY.

OK...so it snowed last night...it's cold right now...and symbols are the schlitz of beer...crank out some.

VW is fricken awsome...


These doors have gone into my garage door library...

Pete A.

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How does one go about a "Global edit"? Say the muntin pattern changes - is it possible to edit the symbol in the resource browser in such a way that all windows in the file are updated? Or do I need to use the eyedropper to do that?

Speaking of muntins, is there a way to create something different than what is available in the window plug-in dialogue? (ie, a leaded glass configuration?)


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Jeff, what I have discovered is this: You can globally edit data you create in a format record and attach to an object. Simply use the "tools/custom selection" option and add your record format criteria. For example, you cannot globally edit the "manufacturer" filed that is part of a door object. You can , however, globally edit a manufacturer field in an attached record format. So, to keep it simple, create a record format that contains all the potentially global editable fields for a given object and attach it to all the objects using tools/custom selection. The data you attach is then globally editable and can be referenced in a worksheet.

There is one little issue here and I'll use doors to illustrate, apparently the "tools/custom selection" tools will only select one door per wall. If there are additional doors attached to a wall, only one of them is selected. This is indeed wierd but it is the way VW is currently developed to work.

Hope this helps.

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