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Layer Opacity


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Why so? The opacity/translucency is an operating system service, provided by the "Quartz" graphics engine/library of Mac OS X. How could that be available in other operating systems?


Obviously I'm answering to RAFA.


Should NNA have decided not to use the best available OS services in order to give a level playing field to the operatingsystematically challenged?

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While Windows doesn't support layer opacity, you can get there somewhat using an Overlay mode for the Layer.

If you edit a layer in the Organization dialog, there are options for the layer - one includes Layer Overlay.

This allows all objects on the layer to have a "transparent" affect and sometimes the expected color isn't always what you end up with. Again, this is something in Windows.

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The transparent object has to be placed on a design layer in the right location, then that design layer needs to be part of the viewport. You could then turn the layer off in the VPs that don't require the highlight.

Right now, the technology is only applicable to design layers.

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Thanks, Katie. That is actually what I did, just made a new layer and set the parameter to Layer Overlay and turned it on in the viewport.

It works fine. My thought came from working in the Annotations and realizing I should differentiate some areas, so I hoped to do it right then and there. Ah, well, someday, but as long as I know what to expect, it just fits into the workflow.

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It's a great idea - I will often create a plan, then enlarge part of the plan such as the kitchen.

I use a series of rectangles of different shades and gradients to get a "highlighted" effect pointing to the larger plan viewport.

I love the way Photoshop let's you crop and highlight a portion and create the zoom tunnel rather quickly.

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