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Better server for this forum!

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Being a fairly old MiniCAD user (since version 3.15 I think), I realise, that it was a great idea to have Rich's original Macintosh as the Internet (maybe even corporate) server.

However, constant (mostly unsuccessful) waiting times of 5 to 6 minutes sort of wear me down. At least the person swapping diskettes in the single drive should not be required to other work so that he or she could just concentrate on responding to "Please insert disk 'Top Left Blue Rectangle'".

No, it's no my computer or connection.

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Very strange. I use two computers in two locations, one with cable, the other with ADSL - but both with Firefox. Maybe I should try Safari.

When I press, say, Quote or Submit, quite often nothing happens. Only by exiting the situation and returning to it I can get these things to work.

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I always use Firefox (on Windows), and, as I said, always instant loading.

Location certainly could matter, but it's interesting that G Hannigan and I, only 60 miles apart, have opposite experiences. And Ray and Amy, 100 miles apart in Florida, also report opposite experiences in loading speed.

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