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Yeah, and my 10 metre high wall is 12 metres high in average... It was 1 metre thick, so maybe the thickness is added (bottom & top). That would partly explain why left & right areas were different. (With VS & object variable queries.)

Tomorrow VW will perhaps expect us to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.

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islandmon, is that the Caribbean islands? I spent seven years in Jamaica and barely escaped with my dignity intact. It's a place that if doesn't kill ya' it'll make you stronger.

Re worksheets, I am familiar with using records (ie: checking the box in the OBJ INFO DIALOGUE) though I have not as yet created a custom schedule. When I purchased INFO-EDITOR (two months ago), the advice I received from the VW tech / author threw me for a loop. Further, it 'worked' when I turned ALL the records off!

It is not obvious to me and many others how to compose forumlas after weeks of effort of getting 90% of the schedule correct and having two or three columns that won't cooperate. What to do? Export, no! Stay up all night, yes! Place white polys over the aberrant data and handwrite the answers in, maybe! Delete the column(s) and use text instead, maybe?

It seems a no brainer to me to list all the basic formulas for each of the standard associations that at a minumum are part of the sample door schedule that VW provides. I have asked VW numerous times about this including RA above and am redireted to the techs (by phone) who give half answers so here I am with the same question.

As for explanations, these take care and patience. If you are here I assume you are here to help. I received my MARCH (1992) the year after computers were mandatory so I was not weaned and am entirely self taught. I taught design and VW at the university level for six years in Jamaica and here in Los Angeles so I am well versed in the difficulties in explaining. It's not so hard actually! I am very appreciative when someone takes the time to help. Confused by the opposite.

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Quote from Petri - "I'll continue a bit, despite public demand."

I was wondering how much 'public demand' it would take to oust Mr.Petri(I.don.t.know.what.the.special.rant.in.brackets.has.to.with.anyones.sister.)

While it's true most knowledge forums seem have to endure a smart attituded, over-zealous hall monitor who knows it all but fails to remember the reason for having a forum like this, I wonder how many votes we would need to abyss Petri and be free of his smug ranting.

We come here because we are having problems, or are new, or learning.

Can we ban Petri's posts so they don't show up, thus freeing us from the over-bearing self righteousness of this over-qualified and smarmy malcontent?

Or, start a new section called 'Unhelp hints' edited by Petri, which could have his usual ravings to snigger at for entertainment, but when you actually had a problem or query, we would be free of his ubiquitous suggestion to go read the help section.(Which.we.already.read.for.four.hours.and.you.are.the.reason.we.haven't.come.to.the.forum.yet.because.we're.guaranteed.a.smart.alec.reply.from.Petri.and .whoever.his.sister.is.I.don't.know.)

I know what you're thinking... posts like this just encourage guys like Petri to charge on with their socially disabled police work. (But.it.makes.me.feel.better.)

How about some recognition that we are here to learn, not to be lambasted by the self-appointed high preist of VW knowledge.


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Pluuuuuoooooeeeaaase don't take Petri out of here. Aaaarrrgh!...and drat! I have been lifted from the depths of depression with the wit of Petri the Great.

Sam...Fred....Lisa...it's because of the one thing that I will always need "source code"....Petri has been doing this for a berry..berry long time and we need to respect his input....

Plus I neeeeeeeed a laugh once in a while......Microsoft has made me into the monster I am....help....

Pete A.

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Worry not, Pete! I've been around since the good old days of CompuServe discussions, presided by the esteemed, unimitable and ever so professional & polite TeAntae Turner. (Where is she nowadays?)

Being one of the top VW-experts worldwide allows me quite a lot of leeway. Dogs are barking, but the caravan moves on.

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islandmon, is that the Caribbean islands? I spent seven years in Jamaica and barely escaped with my dignity intact. It's a place that if doesn't kill ya' it'll make you stronger.

DOA ...

the Caribbean island lifestyle is like a virus ... once it takes hold ... it propagates itself.

Often as not ...

inspired by Panthony and resurrected by Petri-san

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I worry not...your fans as well as adversaries gather to see your escapade. You remind me of one of the knight dudes....what was his name...oh..yah...Ralph..the knight of the water closet ring. Yes, he who so nobly would scrape the most indecent matter from the bowls of those more fortunate than he...Ralph, the protector and defender of the round bowl...now-a-days known as the plumber. So....you know as they say...the schlitz runs downhill...so lift one for me and when you bring on the schlitz you bring on the best.

Pete A.

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