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Text wrap problem

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I just upgraded to 12.5.1 and now all my files have a text wrap problem! The lines break wherever the boundary box is - IOW, a narrow box saying "Something is clearly wrong" which should look like:

Something is

clearly wrong

Comes out as:

Something is

clearly wron


Or if I do a narrower box:


ng is c



I've tried the text wrap checkbox which doesn't seem to affect this. What can I do? Suggestions?

-- Rich --

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I do resize the textbox by dragging the handles with the scaling enabled (mode bar), but it breaks wherever the box ends regardless of where the words/letters are. I ended up having to reinstall 12.0 as the upgrade had overwritten it! Plus dealing with my plugins, settings, etc. Ugh. I'll call VW techelp tomorrow to see if they can shed some light.

-- Rich --

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