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Al Fitch

Beginner Questions

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Hello. I'm a Technical Director/Lighting Designer in theatre. I am currently trying to input the stage info for the theatre I work at in VectorWorks.

What is the most effective way to go from tool to tool?

After I draw A line or shape and want to use another tool can I hit return or tab or something to exit or "drop the tool?

I have a wall that I want to place a door in. For some reason the door is much larger on the drawing then I think it should be. When the door info box comes up I put in the door size as 44" X 68". The width of the door appears much bigger in plan view. Is there a basic step I might be omitting?

My third and final question for this post is how to use the snap-to feature to have a line connect to the nearest line in the drawing as I intend it to do? When joining a line to form a corner I want the lines to be connected.

From what I recall from my class in AutoCad that was possible to do. I figure VW should have similar features.

I appreciate your help.

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Jonathon has been appropriately polite in refraining from spruiking his own training products, but you would do well to consider looking at them or other training material on offer at NNA.

His material is well regarded, and you can download samples at his site.

Referring to the supplied manual at least will answer many of your questions.


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Thanks for the replies. FYI I have looked at the supplied CD with Fundamentals of VW to aquaint myself with the environment. Since I have a project to work on I figured jumping in would be better then reading a whole manual.

I will look into training materials soon.


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I haven't made much progress although I enjoy Jonathan's podcasts on subjects that I am no where ready to tackle!

I want to avoid asking a lot of questions so I am hoping to find a really good book on VW related to theatre (with lots of pictures as I am a visual learner).

I'm on a Macintosh Powerbook and I know that the Window's version has different menus.

Any thoughts on books related to theatre work?

Al Fitch

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