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I was happily - well sort of - working along and then something I did caused the "Basic Tools" menu to expand all the way across the top of my screen and I will be damned if I find a way to put it back on the left side of the screen like is was [Confused][Mad][Mad][Embarrassed][Mad][Eek!][Confused]

I now have the top 1/3 of my screen cut off by the menu.

With the way all these menus intrude into the workspace they should make one of the minimum requirement of the program a 19" monitor!!!!

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I assume you've tried dragging it etc, and that it's mildly insulting that I would think that you overlooked that. Does closing the program and reopening it work? Or switching between spotlight classic and spotlight might reset it.

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Look under Tools/Reports - the Key is in there, along with the worksheet commands.

FYI - I ended up creating a custom workspace (no biggie, I've always tweaked the workspace in every version to map my favortite commands) that includes a dedicated Spotlight menu. You may save your self some frustration by adding that menu to your VW 12 workspace.

If you need help doing so, let me know.

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Thanks. Been looking for awhile for the key. The way they moved everything around :-(

Are there directions in the manual to help create a custom workspace? Sounds like the way to go, but I have gotten so gun shy about changing anything in 12. I have been using this program since Mini-Cad something, in 1992 and this new version has been the biggest mess up of a good program... I still have not figured out how 12 is better than 11.5 except for correcting some bugs, and it cost a bunch to get.

Have you solved the titleblock issue?


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The reason I upgraded was primarily for the Navigation pallette. I have to spit out a lot of versions of any given FP (client, fire marshall, lighting, scenic, riggers, hotel setup, various seating configs, different sheet sizes, etc). Also the right click Activate Layer command is indespensible now. The general workflow improvements have been hugely helpful.

Since you can have the same menu command in different menus, editing the workspace is low risk. I left all the commands where they were, and added a new menu called Spotlight, and put duplicate SL commands in there.

Go to Tools/Workspaces/Workspace Editor.

Click "Edit a Copy of the Current Workspace" - this is a no risk option, as the original will be unchanged. Give it a useful name like jtallen Spotlight.

Make sure the Menu tab is selected.

The list on the left is all the avaiable commands, and the list on the right is your actual menu structure.

Drag the New Menu into the list on the right and rename Spotlight (left click and hold for 1 second).

Look in the left list for Spotlight, and click the + to expand.

Drag the menu items into your new Spotlight menu on the right.

Unfortunately this must be done one at a time.

Once in the new menu, you can drag items up and down, add a Separator, and create submenus.

Click OK when you are done, then make sure your new workspace is active.

Probably 10 minutes work.

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Thanks I will give it a try. In your reply to Pat I saw you have created a custom title block. How long did it take you to create it and get it working correctly? Do we really have to create the title block in the scale of the drawing? If so, we have to have one for each scale we work in?

I going to do one, but am waiting until I get this musical done with so I have some time to play with it. According to the directions I have it is a 20 or so step process, is this correct?


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I made my custom title block out of a copy of the Nemetschek North America title block. It didn?t take very long, I can?t remember exactly how long it took, but it may have been only 15 mins or ? and hour...

if you are using the Nemetschek North America Drawing border (the title block in VectorWorks 12) then you only need one scale of title block (1:1 scale), assuming that you are using sheet layers and viewports

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Like Jonathon mentioned, it would be best to start by modifying a duplicate of an existing TB. I haven't read the instructions, but the only (slightly) tricky part is assigning the text in your layout to the fields in the Records file. This is done via the "Link text to record" menu command, and is pretty straight forward.

As to the scale, the TB and border should reside on a layer with a 1:1 scale. This way the "Fit to page" button works properly. Personally I only drop them on a Sheet layer. For scale annotation I edit the Viewport and drop a Drawing Label PIO in there. That way the scale is always shown right even if I change the scale of the Viewport for a larger print.

Note that there is a Scale TB box in the Drawing Border PIO if you need to change how much real estate the TB is taking up.

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