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I have created a model of a single storey house with a basement, first floor and a gable roof. Each of these are on separate layers. When I generate a side view all the layers appear stacked correctly as they should. If I create a Section Viewport though the layers appear with large spaces in between as if exploded in some way. I have created Section in this manner in the past and have not had this problem. Anyone have a similar experience?

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When looking at the layers in a side view, are you using Stack Layers or just changing all 3 layers to a side view?

If you aren't using Stack layers, then I suspect if you do, you'll see the same gaps in that mode, too.

When you are looking at the layers, without Stack Layers on, and switch to a side view, you should see the objects on top of each other, as if in a big pile - not as you would expect in an elevation.

This is due to layer z and delta z values.

To remedy the situation, move the objects back to 0 in z space (you might need to switch to an elevation view and use the move command).

Then, edit the layers so the proper z and delta z values are assigned to each layer.

Once this is done, the layers will appropriately sit on top of each other in Stack Layers, Sections, Viewports, and Layer Links.

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TBrown, the key questions are 1) how are you generating the side view you refer to, and 2) do you have different layer z levels for your separate layers. Katie's suggestions should work for you. I haven't noticed any change in the behavior of Section Viewports, if that was the gist of your question.

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