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Multiprocessor tuneup



Good evening everyone.

This may be a Mac related issue (it'd be interesting to hear from multicore PC users) but VW dosen't seem to make full use of the processing power available. Under osx if you run Activity Monitor with a pretty high refresh rate showing processor usage and knock about a suitably large VW file over a number of operations what one sees is one particular core taking the load with the others doing very little; the loading switching between cores every five seconds or so. Quite often one can sit there waiting for an operation to complete with only 25-30% processing power being used - one core flat out, the other three virtually idle. This dosen't seem to happen with other apps - iLife stuff spreads itself out ok for instance.

It is, of course, entirely possible that this is peculiar to my installation. I shall watch for howls of derision.



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My only complaint with VW12.5 is the lack of "snappiness"; such as working within the Object Info Pallets. I keep getting faster computers, but the response to simple input actions stays the same.

On the other hand, it is pure joy to watch the two cores chew away at renderings.

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