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Need Help! Crashing while zooming

Felix H

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I'm posting for my wife, who is having serious crashing problems while zooming. This didn't start until we added a 2nd monitor to her laptop but we're not certain that it's the culprit because it has since crashed without it.

She's using Ver.11.5.1, WinXP, fully patched OS, latest graphics card driver, with all non-essential startup items removed and free of viruses or spyware. System is a Dell Inspiron 9300 with Nvidia 6800 256MB graphics card. Primary display is the laptop, secondary display is Dell 20" flat panel.

Is there some setting she should change to stop this from happening, or some patch we haven't seen? It's completely messing up her workflow.



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I don't know if this will help. But take a look in the VW prefs, at the top you have 4 different pref windows. Take a look in the 3D prefs. Here you can change the "3D rotation" towards responsive and the "Retain Rendering Model" towards never. If your working in 3D this should reduce the workload on the processor and video card.

Good luck

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Hi Felix

Did you upgrade your video card driver recently? If so re-install your previous driver. Got 3 x Nvidia Quattro cards and untill the latest update had to work on the older drivers to get things smooth.

The VW 12.5.1 is on the workstation with the 3D Labs Realizm 200 Video Card and spins the current 3D presentation of 52MB in OpenGL around like a purring cat coming from the milk bowl.

VW is unbelievable in stability and 3D OpenGL presentation capacity - not to mention the fast rendering of the model on leaving that mouse button after the fly - over tool is used.

To the CadCourse Guys that introduced me to VW on their website, many,many thanks. Just a pity we were not allowed to buy from you.

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Thanks Katie, Ray, and CLB, for your replies.

Nvidia doesn't provide drivers for laptop display cards, I have to get that from the laptop manufacturer. The problem occurred before I updated the driver from Dell, and then after as well.

There is no error message. The program just hangs and the cursor indicates that it's "thinking". She has to Ctrl-Alt-Del to get out and restart VW. Is there some kind of error log that might provide a clue?

Are there any particular settings you folks have for dual monitor w/ laptop setups?

Otherwise the laptop runs VW well. The display card is Nvidia 6800 GeoForce Go w/ 256 MB memory. The laptop has 2 GB of RAM, the rest is equally "loaded".



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Don't know the the 6800 but I believe that is more of a gamers card. Go to the Nvidia properties dialog and reset the defaults. Start doiing changes from there-on. But keep out of dual monitoring till you found the problem.

In the end if nothing helps as last resort, re-install VW. It is possible that a file in one or oter way got corrupted.

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