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Redraw problems with custom tools

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I recently converted from 10.5 to 12.5.1. Many of my custom point-object plug-ins do not display upon creation, and also blank a portion of the screen upon reset. I've tried adding the Redraw and RedrawAll commands at the end of the script, but even that doesn't fix it. Any suggestions?

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Thanks for your reply. Below is the code for the simplest tool, but is representative of all of them. Basically, I'm just accessing or importing an existing symbol(s) into the document. In 12.5, the plug-in won't display until I access the Class or Layer visibility dialogs.



strChair : STRING;

{$INCLUDE MLCFunctions.vss}


strChair := pChair_Type;

If IsSymbol(strChair)=True then begin {make sure Chair symbol is in document - custom function in MLCFunctions.vss}

Symbol(strChair,0,0,0); {place Chair in document}




Here's the IsSymbol function from the MLCFunctions.vss file

Function IsSymbol(strSymbol:STRING):BOOLEAN; {Checks current document for a symbol, and imports it from Symbol Master if it doesn't exist}


IF GetObject(strSymbol)=NIL THEN BEGIN {symbol does not exist in current document}

{Copy symbol definition to current document - make sure it exists}

IF CopySymbol('G:\Symbol Master.mcd',strSymbol) = True THEN BEGIN

IsSymbol := True; {succesfully imported symbol from Master Symbol Library}



IsSymbol := False; {couldn't find Library and/or symbol within Library}

END; {if CopySymbol}


ELSE BEGIN {symbol exists in current document}

IsSymbol := True;

END; {if GetObject}


Edited by MikeCutter

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Mike, I don't see anything wrong with your code. I do see the same problem a PIO that uses other PIOs instead of Symbols to redraw. Neither Redraw or ResetObject seem to get it to display properly that first time. It requires at least one "reset" event to happen.

I thought I remembered reading a thread in this group some time ago where you could get force a reset by changing the lineweight and then changing it back. You might try searching for that info.

Good luck,

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I FOUND THE PROBLEM!! If the Symbol Library is saved with the symbols' classes set to invisible, they don't appear at first when "imported" into a new drawing, regardless if the class is set to visible on the new drawing.

Thanks for your help.

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