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I have a suggestion for the set sun position tool. The light object it creates should automatically delete or update an existing light object created by the set sun position... tool. I have light objects set to display only in wireframe, and some time if I forget to delete the last light object created by set sun position, I'll end up with quite a few light objects for different seasons and times of day. I'm sure his must compromise the accuracy of the particular sun simulation I'm trying to view?

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Yes it does, but did you know that the SET SUN POSITION will a) create a light source each time the command is run UNLESS b) you have a "sun" selected, in which case the SET SUN POSITION will work on the selected light... I usually have a little script (created via the custom selection command) called "Select Lights".

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Yup, I see what you mean. Wouldn't it be better if the light object created by set sun position... was some sort of specialty light, and changes in the dialog either updated the existing sun, even if it wasn't selected, or created a new light object if there wasn't on already? I just got got messed up because I had light objects to be hidden. As an aside, the location of that setting seems a little weird, too. It took me along time to find that.

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Yes, it would be MUCH better. I mean really, in our solar system there is only one sun, right? Another little tidbit: although the SOLAR ANIMATION command is REALLY cool (and very accurate as far as I can tell), you should be aware that it creates its own "sun". So if you already have a "sun" in your file you will get strange results, quite similar to what you got in your example (above). Therefore, before running the SOLAR ANIMATION remove (or turn off) any already existing "suns"...

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It seems that nowadays one sun is at least almost enough... Only a few years ago, I needed 3 or 4 (at 100% each) to get anything like the Australian Sunlight.

Anyhow, it is not too difficult to write a pair of scripts: one that saves the sun position at a given location & date/time, the other that retrives the settings.

I have maybe 15 or 20 locations, usually 2 or 4 dates and 4 to 8 times stored, so I can show the shadows of any project whether the site is in Melbourne, Hobart, Singapore, London, Helsinki, Berlin, Capetown...

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