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character for "degrees" in text


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On the Mac, you can also go System Preferences>International>Input Menu and activate the Keyboard Viewer. Also check the "Show input menu in menu bar" at the bottom of the International pane. You will then see a flag icon in the upper right corner next to the clock. That will give you access to an on screen keyboard, where you can select the font that you desire and see the various ASCII symbols that reside with each key. Make sure you try the option and shift-option modifiers to see all the symbols.

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Quite right mar schrammeyer! I stand corrected. Option zero on a mac creates a zero one would use for exponents (so I learned on the list). It is difficult to see the difference in some fonts but others are quite different. Sorry 'bout that.....bradley

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rcarch thank you, and thank you again. I am fairly new to VW and Mac computers, I asked everyone in my office (all supposedly long time Mac users) how to input these symbols and they didn't know. I was used to %%d, %%u etc.

Boy am I going to look smart this morning.

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