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Roof rendering, no fascia


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I'm trying to render a house, and I created a roof from the walls. I want to have the top of the roof render differently from the sides, but when I try to change it, nothing happens. It is still the grayish color on the sides. I am using 12.5.1 on a Mac.



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"Sides" in this context refer to GABLE ENDS, not fascias. Questionable semantics, but that's the way it is. If you want your fascia to be a particular color, make the entire roof that color. Because textures overrride colors, the top (or faces) of the roof will still be textured, but the edges will be the color (you chose). HTH's

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In order to use a texture on the fascia you'll need to use the "create components" (in the create roof dialog) dialog to create a fascia. THEN you'll have to UNGROUP the whole thing, then apply a texture to the GROUP (of nurbs) which is the fascia. This method is more or less useless as the ROOF OBJECT loses its parametric editability. It might actually be easier (and all around better) to simply create an extruded fascia, and apply a texture to that. That you keep the ROOF intact... HTH's

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Welshape, a couple questions: 1) Is your roof "solid" (check the attributes palette)? If not, it will not render solid (in any render mode). 2) I assume you own RenderWorks? If not the render modes available to you will be limited, and you will not be able to apply textures. 3) Not sure if this is trus for roofs, but with other 3d geometry (extrudes for example), the original 2d shape from with the 3d form was created must be a "closed" poly. Otherwise the object will appear hollow when rendered. You can fix this by editing the 2d object - make sure the "closed" box is checked in OIP.

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