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Using Styles w/ renderworks


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I'm wondering what peoples strategies are for keeping track of the which textures they use for Style-1 through Style-15. Is there away to rename the default names to something more descriptive (i.e. Interior Paint, Oak, etc) or do people set up a system of using the same # style for the same component (i.e. Style-1 is always exterior trim, Style-2 is always interior trim)?

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You can indeed change the names. This is somewhat laborious, but definitely worth the effort.

Open VectorScript Plug-In Editor (Tools menu by default, I think), choose the plug-in in question (eg. Window), click button "Parameters", figure out which pop-up you want to change (eg. ExtTrimClass), click "Edit", click "Choices", type or paste a list you want to use.

Repeat the same for other parameters and plug-ins.

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Alright, I have tried you method with no luck. I did as you said and edited the the column plugin. I changed the choices under the "capital finish" parameter to include "paint-1" It apeared to save the change, so I quit the vw script editor, and put a column in my document. "Paint-1" did not show up under the "capital finish" drop down menu. I re-opened the parameter for capital finish and it was back to the default styles 1-15.

BTW this is exactly what I want to be able to do. How do you name your styles? Are you specific (ie Paint-White , Wood-oak) or more general like "Int. Paint-1, Int. Paint-2, etc? Thanks for the help.

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Right-o. It should work. It does work...

Do you have Write-permissions to the Programs-folder? If not, that could be the problem. Other than this, it is Mr NNA's turn to explain why edited choice values do not go into the Plug-In. (We do not care if the code was bought from some Indians, with a fistful of trinkets. You sold the stuff to us, so it better work.)


Style names:

I am quite specific. MATERIAL-Wood-Oak, COLOUR-Red and so on. But also both MATERIAL-Special and COLOUR-Special, for those project-specific things.

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Got it. I had to change the permissions for the plugins folder. Thanks, this is going to be really helpful

There seems to be a limit on the number of characters (not lines) that can be used in the parameters. Have you experienced this?

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