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Dimension Standard, Line Marker Memory Broken


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This Program (or me), Can't remember the settings for Line marker, at Edit, Dimension standard window. Also, I set the Dimension Standard to one of my custom made ones, And it Goes back to a different one by itself. I have unchecked create dimensions in dimension class.Very frustrating. Has anyone else had this, or is my computer on the blitz? Also, while editing the line marker (arrow head) size, in the Customize dimension std, It doesnt remember that setting at all.

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Dimension styles are stored in files, not overall VW settings (this is why it's under Document Settings and not VW settings).

What Islandmon suggests is what's needed to get "saved" dim styles in other documents.

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I did what you suggested, and made a new set of my own Dimension standards. Works fine.

I do know about importing standards from other files.

I think that this file may have some minor corruption issues, as it does have a hard time remembering the dimension standard settings.

I recently downloaded the 12.5.1 upgrade:

New Question :

I'm wanting to use the Auto increment feature for Door schedule, ID Label. Seems to not work if you've ever checked on schedule, in the door settings panel, outside of using the ID label tool. Try it. Thanx very much for your help, Gary

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I would like to see more control over the dimensionings characteristics from the OIP: For example:

- Change the font and text size.

- Switch the Fixed Length witness lines capability on and off (or better still edit it individually).

- Edit the dimension style via a button on the OIP.

Petri's suggestion of being able to set the font and text size by Class is an excellent one in my view. This protocol could even be extended so that we could have several Classes for annotation (eg. Labels, Design Notes, Construction Notes etc.) with each having its own preset text font and size.

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