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Daryl Wood

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I draw a rectangle, use AEC/Floor to give it location (how far down) and thickness. Or use the layer attributes to se the depth (Mod-Footing or Mod-Foundation). Just draw it in line with the foundation wall. I draw one, make copies (Ctl/click), rotate and reshape the copies as needed, push them together and "add surface", then the AEC/Floor routine...

You could also use the double line tool, Draw as Polygon, to the same effect, then AEC/Make Floor.

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Daryl, you are on the right track. I use (or have used) all of the methods you mentioned. For me it mainly depends on how accurate the sections/elevations need to be. The trickier the site, the more I want to actually model everything. On a flat(ish) site I often just use lines in the annotations (because it's much faster!). P

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Daryl, use walls - these can be dashed. Have a look at the NNA Library file 03_Concrete_Foundation.mcd for some examples.

Its frustrating not being able to dash a 3D object like an extrude. There are instances where it would be useful to be able to show a 3D object dashed:

- Where it is above or below other objects (eg. footings below or beams over).

- When you want to indicate a 3D component's location, but not show the component.

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Panthony, now that is what I'm look for. Brick ledges, beam pockets, foot pads, etc. Right on the money. Thanks for the feedback, know I just need to spend the time to figure out how.

One question, how do you position the footing (wall) below the foundation wall in terms of the offset?


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The beam pocket is a hybrid symbol using a section of wall behind (4) 3D polygons arranged so that they leave a hole in the wall when inserted. The section of wall is used to fill in the partial hole that would exist in the real world conditions. You will have to play around a bit to assemble different pockets for varied configurations of block wall types....but once you build them as symbols save them in your favorites folder for retrieval any time to different projects.

Below is a picture of one beam pocket I used in the foundation above. I enhanced to show the outlines better.


Pete A.

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