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I am agonizing over a decision to purchase ArcInfo or Landmark for an upcoming project.

I need to be able to create a report which tracks the following data for each parcel: lot ID; Lot Area; number of verticies and the coordinates of each vertex. I also need the entire drawing to have a custom system of coordinates. The area and coordinate info must be interactive, i.e. if the polygon in the drawing changes, the area and coordinate data must automativally update.

I also need the capability to create closed polygons for lots from a site plan imported from Autocad where lines were used to create a plot plan.

Will Landmark do this or must I go with ArcInfo?

Thanks in advance.


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Fundamentals will do this. I don't think you get anything useful for this in Landmark.

Reporting polygon vertices is somewhat interesting requirement, but can easily be done with a simple VectorScript. Polygon areas (and the IDs) can be dynamically tabulated with a worksheet. You can even tabulate & summarise for different uses (of any) or similar by using classes (or data records or both).

In VectorScript there is even a basic "GIS function": you can query whether a point is within a polygon, so you can associate various items with polygons.

Creating the polygons is also possible. Either you trace over or select the lines and "compose" a polygon of them. Since each line belongs to two lots, you need a couple of extra steps.

I don't think it would be any easier in ArcInfo; many users of that and MapInfo use AutoCAD to do the drafting as the tools are not quite there. Neither here nor there, to be honest.

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Geo You can use the "Paint Bucket" mode of the Polygon Tool to create Polygons from the inner boundary intersections of the lines. These can then be converted to Property Line objects.

You should be able to customise the Property Object report to return the information you require. It will update with changes. Once you have the report format as you need it this can be saved for reuse in other files.

Might be worth contacting a Landmark sales rep at NNA and asking them in detail about your requirements.

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Ahh... Paint Bucket mode! That seems to be a new feature, very welcome one, indeed.

Property Line object does not seem to add much value. It cannot not show corner coordinates and as comes to reporting (eg export to surveying equipment), complicates the scripting. The lot IDs are not checked for uniqueness (why on earth! This is SO easy to do!). Corner coordinate display would also have been easy to do - well, at least I can do it - but obviously no-one thought of it.

(Static) area & ID tags can be easily generated to "normal" polygons and tabulating is just as easy.

Interestingly, the Property Line tool is completely useless in the civilized world: regardless of one's unit settings, it uses degrees, minutes and seconds.

Even an amateur developer like yours truly always implements document units, so one can eg. do the work in palms and get volumes in gallons.

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You should be able to customise the Property Object report to return the information you require.

I can't be bothered with trying, but how does a "report" generate a "dynamic array" of individual coordinates of polygon vertices? Obviously you know, so please make a few Property Objects: one with 4 vertices, one with 6 vertices and one with 8789 vertices and give us the "report" with the coordinates of these.

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