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Font problem

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We are small office(6 people), and we are running Mac OS X Tiger.

We purchased Vectorworks 12.5 not that long ago.

There are serious font problems in vectorworks.

We use 'Universe' as main font.

Often, fonst are converted to 'Geneva' ; and somtimes are changed to question marks.

Using 'true-type' font will help?

Please, let us know if you have experienced similar problems.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank yoou.


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VW seems to be a little extra sensitive to corrupt font files. I've learned to make sure we're using a true TrueType font, preferably one that either came with the OS or that we purchased ourselves. It seems that IslandMon mentioned a utility to verify font files, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was/is.

Good luck,

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