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So maybe this isn't the right place to ask this, but hey. I'm in New York, and am starting to freelance draft for some lighting designers. At the moment, I'm transfering a groundplan into spotlight, and then mid-january I'll be cleaning up the rough plot. The trouble is that I have no idea what I should be getting paid for this. It's for a show outside of New York, so it's not a Broadway payscale, but it's not too far off (Berkeley Rep). Any ideas? Advice? Thanks.

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Well, I asked around and most of what I heard was 15-20. I'm good at it, and I own the program, but I'm not quite great yet. Besides, that's not all I'm going to be doing. (and it helps that I have roommates, therefore relatively cheap rent). But hey, if you know people who will pay me more, send them my way.

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Thea, since you're just getting started in business,

it may be best to match your fees to the scale of the project.

Set a base mobilization fee then add a percentage based on the

project budget. This approach allows for upfront payment and

then places the fee limits squarely on the shoulders of the Project Manager.

See if you can live with 5% with a minimum of $500.

Suggested reading "The Hunger Artist" by Franz Kafka.

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