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Section Viewport Failure

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Instead of giving me a section viewport I keep getting an error message:

""An attempt to define a Plug-in object named "NNA_ArchSection" failed because Format with that name already exists in the current document. The entire operation is cancelled.""

Then I get another error message :

"You have drawn an invalid section line to create a section. You need to redraw the section line in order to draw the section."

I've tried to create a section from a viewport and a design layer with the same results.

I've made many sections before without this error message, does anyone know how to get around this ??

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Dear Citizen Ed of The Sea Ranch (dear me - it was 30 years ago, wasn't it? The Ranch I mean - Rosebud was thrown in the flames over 60 years ago!)

In my experience this kind of messages have been either bugs (mostly) or results of a previous, unsuccessful, use of the object in question. I've never found a generic cure or workaround. If the offending object is of my own creation, I can rename it and get rid of the problem ay hand, but then I lose tons of other data elsewhere. Re-rename? Yes, that works, but one can't go on forever like that.

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