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Logitech Revolution Mouse

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I bought a Logitech Revolution last week and it is incredible in other applications. The buttons are programable, even in VW and I am in love with the scroll wheel. There are no bothersome clicks that cause the screen to jump. It is smooth like the apple mouse. And it is as fast as you want with the scrolling, you can spin hard and it keeps spinning for a while longer. YOu can tilt it for horizontal scroll, but that is too slow to bother with.

It has a thumb wheel that can be used for zoom or can be programed for other uses. There are other buttons on the top and at the thumb that are also programable. (use them for "x" and "z" keystrokes)

The problem is, in VW it does not scroll! It zooms, instead!. I would like for it to scroll and use the thumb wheel for zooming. VW is the only app I have found, so far that works this way. Is this something that NNA can correct in VW? Or has anyone found a workaround?

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