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Sharing Templates?


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Hi Grant


I've tried over and over but I can't get this to work.

I create the 'Templates' folder on the server, make an alias, then move the alias into my Vectorworks folder.

Every time this is done, the 'New...' command just opens a blank document without the stationary option.

I've tried renaming the alias to 'Templates' and 'Templates Alias' but it never works. A blank document opens every time unless a real local Templates folder is there.

Am I doing something wrong?

Cheers, Graham

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You need to have at least one template file in the templates folder on the local computer in order for it to recognize there are templates. An alias or shortcut doesn't cut it. Once a template file exists, the alias can be read by the program.

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Graham, yes the alias needs to be named templates as per the folder it replaces.

The server also needs to be mounted before launching Vectorworks.

I have had no problems without having another template file on the local computer, contrary to what Katie says. However I do use one anyway (in the VW application folder - called Vectorworks default) so that VW always opens a metric drawing when launching.




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We used to do it over the network like this but we've found a much more robust method is to use a program like Apple Remote Desktop to propagate the files to each machine. One machine is used as the master (for templates and the symbol library) and then we use ARD to upload these files to all the other machines whenever they're updated.

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