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Edge-banding tool



I'd like to have a texture mapping tool that generates panels - extrusions typically 19mm/25mm thick - that have the edges automatically receive a wood grain texture that always runs around the long axis of the edge. The only way I can see to do this at the moment is to convert an extrusion into nurbs, and set each nurbs surface with the correct texture orientation. Very tedious.

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Yes I'd agree. I think the texture mapping tools are lacking - and pretty crude compared to some other renderers. Trying to get the right grain orientation for wood procedural textures, for example, is so much of a pain I've given up trying to use them, and only use image map textures.

By the way, I have thought of a work-around for my panel issue. Having made a panel as a group of nurb surfaces with all the right grain directions, I just copy this panel, and being a group, I can scale it to make all the other panels.

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