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v v slow rendering

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Not sure if this is a Renderworks problem.

Rendering in Final Quality Renderworks has slowed down to the point where it is unusable. The last picture I tried to render took 20min to render about half of it. The rendering had been working perfectly well on this file. The speed issue started when I added a layer with ~ 180 3D plants. Deleting the layer has made no difference - if I try to render a picture with more than one layer, the whole thing grinds to a halt. I get exactly the same with a Layer Link.

I had a similar problem with another file, but when I removed the plant layer the speed was OK again.

I've produced several VW files using lots of these 3d plants in the past (in 12.5) & never had any problems - any suggestions?

pc AMD Athlon 3200+, 1.5Mb RAM, XP Home version 2002

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From your description, my first guess would be that one or more of the plant symbols is corrupt. My experience suggests that simply deleting all instances of a corrupt symbol doesn't solve the problem since the symbol is still present in the file's resource library. Try running the "Purge Unused Objects ..." command in the Tools menu (on a copy) and see if that clears things up.

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