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You don't say what version of VW you're on, but on VW 11.5 there are two ways:

From a Viewport, on the Object Info palette, select "Hidden Line" from the "Rendering" pull-down menu, then click on the "Render Settings" button (just below it), and select "Sketch Hidden Line Results". This will give you what you want. You can also choose the Sketch style from there and edit it.

From a Saved View or any design layer, Go to "View" -> "Rendering" -> "Line Render Options", and select "Sketch Hidden Line Results", choose the Sketch style, etc., then go back and render using Hidden Line (it will also work on shaded/unshaded Polygon rendering - but it won't work on "Sketch").

Oddly enough, the "Sketch" option, from either of those menus, only displays a wireframe sketch. I have yet to come across a situation where I would want that. I found it very, very confusing and poorly documented. It took me a lot of digging to ferret it out. A great feature, but it needs a clearer user interface. Maybe have the Hidden Line sketch option under the "Sketch" rendering mode (ya think?), AND have it as the default setting.

They may have changed it all in v12. Wouldn't surprise me if they did.


I have a building that I show the 4 sides by views of 'front, back, left, and right. When I render the viewport with sketch, you see thru to the back of the other wall.
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