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12.5 Won't Work, Cannot Remove Program to Reinstal



I have Vectorworks 12.5 with RENderworks on a PC, XP Home. After I upgraded to 12.5 and upgraded Renderworks, everything worked fine. Then one day, 12.5 wouldn't open. I've tried to remove the program to reinstall but when I try that, I get the message, "Could not open INSTALL.logfile. I've tried working with the registries but nothing works. Version 12.0 still works though. What could have happened and how do I fix this? thanks crazy.gif

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FYI: I was also experiencing a problem where VW would not launch. The source of the problem turned out to be a conflict with VW and a new mouse (Logitech MX Revolution) I started using. Basically, a mouse utility program that loads up in the background at boot time was causing [for some unknown reason] VW to immediate terminate when trying to start it up. However shutting down the mouse utility program allows VW to start up without a hitch. Installing the latest mouse drivers doesn't presently resolve the conflict, only shutting off the mouse utility program gets VW going again. I thought I'd share this experience since I see that others on the Tech Board are having VW launch problems.

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Try to uninstall VW and reinstall.

Do not use the add/remove programs to remove, though.

Go to the Program Files folder and delete the VW 12.5 folder (or whatever the name of the folder is)

In the registry, delete all the VW 12 registry keys. (Search the message board for the keys to delete if you are unsure)

Then reinstall from the disk.

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