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Creating a viewport of a saved view

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Hi all,

I couldn't find this specific topic here or in VWA Help, and I was hoping someone might nudge me in the right direction.

I've created some saved views of a set of perspectives and would like to use them on a sheet with annotations. Can you create a viewport with those saved views?

Or do I have to create a viewport of the plan, project the view (perspective) from within?


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Just draw a rectangle or polygon around the area of the saved view

leave the rectangle selected

create a viewport

the object(s) in the view should be in the VP created

if you have the rectangle set to NONE and NONE fill

it will not show in the VP

and to edit you select all to see the object used for the crop.

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You don't have to draw a rectangle or polygon - this is only if you want a cropped viewport.

Once the saved view is selected, go to View>Create Viewport and click OK. The view, layer and class visibility will be set just as you see it on the screen for the viewport.

Unfortunately, in VW, there's not an automated process or menu to say "create viewport from selected saved views". I think this function might exist in some third party plug-ins.

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Mike, cbaarch and Katie,

Thank you all for the nudges. I did try my ViewPack but it would give me a new viewport on a new sheet, but oddly in plan view that when edited to the hidden line perspective view, it would not be preserved when I go back to that newly created sheet.

However, Katie's simple exercise produced exactly what I wanted, and I feel foolish to have asked the dumb question when the answer was so simple.

Thanks otherwise for the cropping suggestion as well as it also allows me to leave out unwanted information in the periphery.

I can finish my sketch presentation and still meet my noon deadline now!

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