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HP500 24+HPGL2 card from Mac/VW10.5.1



I suspect this is a Mac probelm not a VW problem, but the technical advice from this forum is so good, let me chance it!

Recently moved offices and have to print via a Windows workgroup to a shared HP500 24" printer with an HPGL2 card. Have loaded the Mac driver that came with the plotter, as well as tried with the latest driver off the internet, both with no luck - the correct dirver does not appear in the HP driver selection when setting up the printer - my computer see the printer over the network, but that's as far as it goes. My local HP help says "Personally I would not try to use the HP500 and a Mac together without postscript support, but we could try" but that "one solution is the HP EFI Designer Edition" at considerable cost. The whole point of my office move was to use existing facilities wthout capital outlay. Any ideas?

I use Mac OS 10.4.7 with VW 10.5.1.

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Use the HP 500 driver that is supplied with OSX.

Open the "Printer Setup Utility" program and use it to set up the printer- you can select the Mac supplied Gimp Print driver from here. It should work well- we are using a HP488 with no problems.

As I recall, you will need to know the network address of the printer.

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thanks for responses - the problem seems to be that there is no HP500 driver (Gimp print or other) available to select...! This after having loaded the driver from the cd supplied, and also trying new drivers downloaded from HP. As it is a shared printer (via a pc) without a network card, it does not have an IP address. I do see the printer when selecting printers, it is just the driver selection that is problematic. Will keep trying...

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