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Rotating in 3D

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Ok, I'm extremely new to Vectorworks, so please have patience with me!

I am using Vectorworks 12. I'm trying to rotate a symbol in 3D space. Basically, I have several trusses that hang at a 45 degree angle as well as all the fixtures on those trusses. What's the trick to rotating a fixture?

On a related side note, when I place a studio spot, the orientation is so the head hangs down. When I place a Mac 2000, the orientation is with the head up. Why the difference between the two fixtures?

Best regards,

Jon "Hillbilly" Weir

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Hybrid symbols - those which have both 2D and 3D views can only be rotated around the Z axis - i.e. from the top.

The idea being that a symbol would not have the same look in 2D if the 3D version is hanging at 45 degrees.

Your best bet is to right click the symbol in the resource browser and duplicate it - give it new name like Mac2k rotated. Then right click your new symbol, select edit, 3D, then got to a front or side view, select all, and rotate to 45 degrees. Now you can use that symbol on your rotated trusses.

Use the same process to fix your other symbols orientation.

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Thanks for the reply. I have managed to do that with a bit of success. But what I can't seem to do is rotate a piece of truss that was made using the truss tool. It won't let me edit it to strip any 2d parameters, and it won't let me rotate it in 3d either. Any thoughts?

Best regards,

Jon "Hillbilly" Weir

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