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Where are my symbols?


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Could someone out there please tell me where me symbols have gone. I have created two files, both with the same symbols in it. When I changed the symbol in one drawing 'A' I wanted that symbol to be changed in file 'B'. So far I have been changing the symbol in both files I was hoping to have a common place to keep all my custom symbols so whatever file I create I can use the same set. I have used the resource browser where I have created a new folder with my symbols in it unfortunately it seems attached only to the drawing I am using at the time. Thanks in advance

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symbols reside in 2 places

the first is found in libaries

these are the common symbols/plug-in that can be reused

they can be added as favorites to the resource browser for easy access

the second instance they reside in the current drawing(s)

a symbol can be created in a current drawing

but should be copied to a library if it will be used often

changing a symbol in a drawing does not change the symbol in another file

to do that, you have to open the 2 files

and then go to the resource browser at the aboslute top of the list you will find the 2 drawings

you then select the symbol(s) and "replace" them

we have 1000 of files I would not want have my symbols changed in all our files if I change only 1

you should duplicate the symbols if you want to make changes

that way you will not make the mistake of changing symbols that are not meant to be changed

if you want the same info in 2 files you need to learn WGR - Workgroup reference

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simply create a new file, add all the symbols you want to it, and save it to an accessible place on your computer or server. in VW, add that file as a new favorite to your resource browser. it becomes a master symbol source. whenever you want to add to it, simply open it and either import the new symbol, or creat the new symbol in that master file. we have done the same, but break up the master files based on the CSI format- 08 for doors, 15 for plumbing fixtures, 16 for lights, etc. hope this helps...

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You don't need to use workgroup referencing if you are using VW 12. You can simply reference a symbol without having to create a workgroup reference.

I use Jim's method in 95% of the cases. There are some cases where an office standard has been created and the symbol should not be edited by anyone. In this case, the file that stores the symbol is password protected and the symbol is referenced into the desired drawing - not imported.

The difference between referenced and imported is that an imported symbol can be modified in the file it is imported into by the user. A referenced symbol can ONLY be edited in the master file. Double protection to that is either limiting the permissions on the file or setting the file to be password protected.

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