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Label Legend errors


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Spot 11.5. I have created a new Legend, but i am unable to have my reference instrument be a leko. I have made sure it was active before starting, and have even inserted one into the plot to make sure. How do i fix this? Next problem is when i am editing a legend, i have moved certain text around, (Chan, Clr, Temp) and my changes are not happening on the plot. I have refreshed the instruments and have even reassigned them to the lights. How do i fix this??



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re editing a legend: don't know if this applies in this instance, but a year ago I had a tremendous problem with VW 11.5, while I was re-positioning the data bits (chan, template, color, etc) to make them readable, suddenly popping back to their default postions. A year ago it happened constantly, and I had no choice but the persevere through it to complete the assignment. This year, redrawing the same project, it happened only once or twice so I hardly minded. In the meantime I believe I had upgraded to 11.5.1. Maybe that was the solution, maybe it was in the stars, I have no idea.

fyi, I posted a query in this tech forumn and it got zero response

re reference instrument being a leko: if I understand you correctly, just select it, choose REPLACE, and pick your preffered symbol.


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