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Vanity cabinet with sink

Daryl Wood

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I am testing Chief Architect XI and so far I am pretty impressed with its cabinet kitchen design features. From reading this forum I sense that the kitchen design capabilities of VWA are somewhat limited. Please convince me that I am wrong.

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Don't want to say you are wrong..... but if you already have Vectorworks get yourself a plug in called "InteriorCad".

I'm using it for Kitchen & Bath Design especially for my Cabinet Design work.

Great piece of Software. Runs like Vectorworks on PC or Mac.

Good integration with Vectorworks. Use it already for a couple of years and helped me quite a lot for my Design Work

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You call InteriorCad a VW plugin, but I can only find a product called Vectorworks InteriorCad. This makes it sound like a full package, not a plugin. No mention of price that I can find. The InteriorCad site gives no info, only a contact number. I recall looking at it several years ago and at that time it was a product that could be purchased separately and integrated with VW, but it was ~$800.

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Gytis is correct, it is available as a separate License.

I use it since it was introduced in the US.

If you use VectorWorks on a regular basis and need more sophisticated capabilities in designing Cabinets, that's the way to go.

I personally find it is a better package combo, than some of the other dedicated programs out there.

My Cabinet Manufacturer uses 20/20 (expensive too) and I have to say that Vectorworks with InteriorCad produces better quality outputs.

My 2cents - Happen to like both programs!!!!!

By the way if you contact InteriorCad, they should have a working Trial Software.

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