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Text file instead of Quicktime

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Working on a Solar Animation. Got one right, but then all others come out as TEXT files instead of a movie! When you set up animation and click save option it goes to ".txt" by default, only other option is "all files".

What's going on? Any tips. Also, any recommendations on "best" compression option (video, mpeg 4...)

Many thanks,


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I've just had the same problem.

If you try to continue with saving the animation, ignoring the fact that it wants to save it as a .txt file, you get the message 'Tool requires plan view in Stack Layers mode', which of course doesn't make sense.

This is the first solar animation I've done in 12.5 - it's always worked perfectly well in 12 & 11, so I think the problem lies with 12.5, not with Quicktime.


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