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Adding Source Data with 2D Polygons

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I'm trying to use the contour lines from imported surveys to produce 3d contours. The contours are in the form of 2d polys, but when I use the 2d polys to 3d contours command, it does not step through converting each contour. Instead, the sequence finishes after the first contour and I get the message asking me if I want to delete the 2d polys.

If I start with a fresh vectorworks file and hand-draw 2d polys, the sequence works fine. If I try to do the same thing in a new layer on the VW file containing the survey data, it does not work.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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This might be related: You might be trying to convert polys which are corrupt.

I have a bunch of 2d grade polys imported from AC by others. I am converting them one at a time to 3d polys and "lifting" them to proper grade elevs. Some of the imported 2d polys convert to a truncated 3d poly. Part of the poly shows up as a 3d poly, but the rest is just missing.

My workaround is to to select the 2d poly and choose Modify/Poly Smoothing/No Smoothing. All the beziers change to corner points. Then the Convert to 3d Poly command converts the entire poly to 3d.

Smoothing to "No Smoothing" all your 2d polys might work to enable you to convert a batch of 2ds to 3d.

Good luck.


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