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It appears that not too many VW users are using worksheets....that's too bad for me because I have a question. When recalculating the list, it found all of the records but it placed them all in a haphazard order. I am having a difficult time figuring out how to get them to follow the sequence starting with D-1, D-2 etc.. If anyone has a clear description about how to do this, it would be appreciated.

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Thanks, I am aware of this and was expecting this response, thouigh hoping for another. Thank you for your response yet I wish to be more specific. What if these icons (all three of them descending, ascending and SUM) are greyed and cannot be selected even though there are about ten sub-rows below the database header row? That is my situation.....at 1 AM with an 11 AM meeting! I cannot select individual cells either. There must be setting that I am not aware of? confused.gif

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Click in the top of a column and you should get a little ascending or decending icon - drag that into the top of the column and it should sort in that order - ascending or decending.

Eureka, turn on the DATABASE HEADERS and selct a ROW header, not a COLUMN header and drag the little icons to the DATABASE HEADER! It worked...I get to sleep tonight! Thanks for the nudge...

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No problem Darrell. Thanks for the roadmap...

I am still experiencing some weirdness such as the SUM consolidates but the ASCENDING ORDER organizes all but two of the records which remain out of order. I am also trying to figure out how to write a formula that counts the number of doors that are of the same type. Vectorworks explains the formulas generally but not how to use them. Reminds me of college physics!

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I agree that they are an under-used area of VectorWorks

They are, aren't they! They are also very poorly documented and many features are a part of the Great Oral Tradition of VectorWorks Elders.

Julian Carr (OzCAD) wrote an excellent chapter about worksheets to Janis Kent's VW 8 manual.

Now, if we finally would get a two-way connection between worksheet database rows and data records... (I've asked for this only for 10 years and most of the time with the friendly tone NNA considers mandatory for fulfilling wish list items. I've not yet grovelled or licked Texan cowboy boots, though.)

EDIT Tone made even friendlier. Now, can we have this feature?

Edited by Petri
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Add a column with the formula "=1", sort by Type, use SUM in the said column.

Petri thanks for the input. No success as yet.

To be specific, in the first two colums are door designations. Column one D-, Second column 01 for example. In the case of mulitple doors of a single door type, there are several lines in the worksheet which read D-01, because every door has a record, which is what I am seeking to resolve.

I am aware that using the sum in the number (01 column) will consolidate all of the same doors designations into a single line. This is why I wish to create another column that counts these adding a third column which states 4 for example indicating that there are four (01) doors. Using your suggestion in the adjacent column I called COUNT, the result is a single line where all of the doors are consolidated n omatter the designation. I sorted by choosing the radio button TYPE from the PASTE CRITERIA pulldown.

I realize that the doors and windows are differentiated by various sizes and features within their records, but NOT by type. For example, there might be more than one size of casement window, so type would consolidtae all casements whether there are muntins, various thicknesses etc.. I wish to differentiate the ID number criteria (01 etc.) and the format evades me. There is no criteria for ID# in the pulldown! Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Perti you lost me. What is the "said column"? I assumed previously you meant the new column or the 'said' column. I am not sure this is what you are saying now.

FYI, the =1 in the header line of the new column is suddenly (almost) working. Reads a total of 6 doors correctly (small cottage), but only in the header, and 1 for each door below.

Using SUM produces the number 1 in a single line below the header (consolidates 6 doors / 3 types into 1)! I have tried a number of criteria formats with no luck.

I am wondering which aspect my records are being read. Maybe I can add information to the record to create a suitable definition that '=1' can understand!!!?

Thanks again...

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