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I don't really understand your problem. In a recent drawing I added channel info to the intrument/s and then when I pair/twofer the instrument by channel, it removes the individual channels from the individual symbol legends and puts the info within the twofer. (I have 11.5)

Is that not what you want!!? I have to say I thought it was rather clever!!


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The problem markdd is not with channel, it is with the other fields: dimmer or circuit being the obvious examples. Once you two fer two units, the two fer combines the two channels into one along the path of the two fer symbol, but the dimmer label, and other fields that would be common to both units, stays stranded on both units. My solution is to have a label legend that omits the other fields (again, dimmer or circuit are best examples) and then apply it to one of the two two fer'd units.

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I think the point is in the tool's name - it's the Ganging tool, not a Twofer tool. I have to guess it was designed to give clarity to a plot as to what lights are going to come up together - regardless as to how the hanging position is cabled.

I to would like to have a real twofer tool - that would summerize the channel, circuit and dimmer - but for now there isn't one

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