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Section viewports slow

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We're working through a large residential project in Design Development, and taking section viewports of a 3D model to generate building sections and elevations. The site is large and complex enough that ther are a fair number of 3D polys, and the building has two main wings set 65? apart, with a shallow barrel roof in one case, and a flat roof in others--in short a fairly demanding model but not (IMHO) hugely so.

We have thus far set up 6 sections, and are finding the machine is now very slow (brand new Intel core Duo 2 iMac, 1 GB RAM). Even moving a vewort on the page is painfully slow.


--does anyone have any tips on speeding up hidden-line Section Viewports (other than turning off polygons)?

--will more RAM make a substantial difference (we have an aditional 1GB on order)?

Any suggestions welcome!

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Well I feel a little foolish. First, I didn't realize that I was running 12.0 on an Intel machine--I thought it was already upgraded to 12.5! Secondly, I set my 3D resolution to Low (from High). Finally, I traced the building footprint, offset it by 5', and used that polygon to clip the DTM, vastly reducing the number of 3D polys (and elminating many that I did not need anyway for those viewports anyway).

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I haven't quantified it, but the same section viewports which I created in 12.0.1 on a G4 (and were full of complex 3D polys) render much faster when I open them in 12.5 on an Intel Mac.

As a feeling, ie qualitatively ;-), it went frum painfully slow, to pleasantly quick. ;-)

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Peter - I went from a G4 laptop to the new 24"imac with 2GB of RAM. Good machine.

I had a project which the G4 was struggling on. Took forever to render the Section Viewports and was struggling with the Renderworks bitmap renders. It works on the Intel Mac and I have been pleasantly surprised with the speed improvements.

Just to test it out I tried an Artistic Renderworks render. I had the Activity Monitor going and was surprised to see that even with 2 GB of RAM it was still using 2+ GB of virtual memory as well. Moral to story - Get as much RAM as you can and make sure you have plenty of free space on your hard drive (that may have been the biggest problem with the laptop).

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