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applying texture to DTM


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Hi All

I've just started making a site model for the first time since VW10. Wow what a fantastic improvment, good job.

But I have a question about applying specific textures to specific areas. The land I'm working on is quite steep and is covered in large granite boulders (6 or 7 meters tall). These rocks are part of the landscape and there topography is included in my servey data. Now I need to texture them appropriately to distinguish them from the grass around them. Is there some way?

I've tried using the "texture beds" in the "site modifiers" tool but this doesn't work at all. Is there some other way of applying specific textures to specific areas?

Please help me.

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to any one that's interested, I've found a work around.

by using pad's and fence's to cut out the rocks from the proposed DTM you can then get the existing DTM to show through. The problem is that you can't give the proposed and existing DTM's different textures, also you can't copy the DTM and give it a different texture. If the copy does not have the same texture as the original then it just disappears.

So I've had to make a new DTM from the original data, this allows me to apply a different texture. The two DTM's can then be combined in a layer link.

It seems to work.

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I've spent a lot of time over the last couple of days trying to find ways of texturing a DTM model, and there seems no easy way of doing it.

We need a new modifier tool. However not a DTM modifier which is prone to problems, uses a lot of ram and can be complicated to use. We need a render works modifier to use with the DTM.

If we could creat 2D (or 3D) polygons when in 2D plan projection which we could apply textures to, so that when in 3D those textures (not the polygons) are projected straight up onto the surface of the DTM.

I don't know what the normal type of land is, but I'm working in the jungle and on hills in Thailand. Where I work we have big boulders, streams, natural foot paths that pass through the land and other features which are all included in the topographical data that I have. I don't need to alter the DTM to add these features, I just need to paint them on to the surface.

from what I've read the "texture bed" "site modifier" does some thing similar, however it changes the DTM shape (which can cause problems and errors) and besides I couldn't get it to work in any of the situations I tried it in.

Even in situations where the "site modifiers" are the best option, this method of painting on a texture can still be used as a quick way of working in the concept stage before commiting the time needed to do it properly after a decision has been made on direction.

so how about it?

A DTM renderworks "modifier"?

I've added this to the wish list forum. If you think it's a good idea go and say so there.


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I Cipes.

No I haven't tried it yet, I'll give it a go in the morning.

Island mon. You can apply a texture to a DTM but it wont tile as normal on any other object. It take the texture and seams to stretches a single instance over the hole model.

quote help file:

"if renderworks is installed, the site model can be textured from the render tab of the object info palette. The texture is applied to the surface of the site model, and is scaled to fit the site model bounding box."

so unless you use a texture of several hundred square meters you don't get any detail up close.

the "drape surface" sounds close to what I was suggesting, but it's still a 3D tool. This makes it difficult to edit the shape, it also makes it hard to get several different textures to interact closely, and edit them accurately. In 3D these things all take time.

What I was suggesting is to use 2D polygons which then have the texture applied to them projected up to the DTM above. Working in 2D is fast and easy. You can do a quick presentation over several hundred square meters with paths, different flower beds, lawn, stream etc and it would only take 5 minutes. It if you wanted to edit it, it would also be really fast and easy.

thanks for the tips guys, I'll try them and get back

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The DTM symbols TIN mesh offers opportunities for texture placement . Nevertheless, there are instances where placement

of individual 3d rock models and Image props of rocks , trees, benches, etc is also required.

As for the 2d Hybrid , editing the symbol by adding the necessary patterned or image filled 2d polygons

is very easy and efficient without any of the hassles of 3d textures applied to meshes and models.

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I ended up doing some thing similar to this. I created a modifier around the boulders on the proposed DTM to cut them out of the model and then had the existing DTM pushing through the gaps I'd made. Giving them both a different texture it worked quite well.

Thanks for the ideas.

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