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More Sketchup Import Fun!

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So, while playing around with importing Sketchup files, I found that the SketchUp import function will give us a 3D shape but no textures. I tried the "import materials" selection, but that made no difference. Also, I found that by exporting the file with the 3DS format the textures were all there but the model was 25.168 times too small. Of course that imported as a mesh which rendered the hide lines function useless - Even with bumping up the smooth line angle numbers.

Is there a better way to get VW and SU to talk to each other?

What have you all done to sort thru the SU import situation? Is there a fast way to clean up a mesh for the hide lines render option? Input is welcome. Thanks!

BTW - OS: Windoze XP, Machine: Dell Precision 380 with a 3 ghz processor.

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I've never found the VectorWorks SketchUp Plug-In to be useful. In its place I just export a DWG/DXF file from SU and import that into VW and go through the process of assigning materials and colors in VW.

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The SU plug-in is total crap. More like a pitiful attempt to draw in purely SU users, since SU does 3D so well, but lacks features VW does do well. Despite the deceiving advertising hype, VW does not do 3D easily. I'm sure you've found that out already, since you've used SU. As far as exporting to VW, try exporting as a 3DS with the units set to mm. For some reason that works for me...mm=ft. This is providing your SU model is in feet, and your VW drawing is in feet. Unfortunately, you still have to deal with all of the extra lines VW adds...it triangulates everything! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to deal with that. If you figure something out, please let me know!

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