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I find it a bit limiting that you can extract information from a drawing and then do little else with it due to the limitations of database rows.

I'd like to do further mathematical operations on information in subrows and/or reference individual subrows in formulas - as an example - using the space tool to generate carparking calculations on multi unit projects that will update when changing the space size.

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One of the main things I use this program for is extracting info and performing calcs. There's a couple things I've figured out that might be helpful. One is to use classes to separate the object's info. I'm a cabinatemaker, so I have classes for all the different parts of a cabinet. I then use database criteria to separate the different totals.

I also have a worksheet that runs in the background. It has a whole bunch of database headers in it and it collects the totals for hardware,labour, square footage of cabinet fronts, linear footage of edge banding and so on. I then use another worksheet as a spreadsheet to reference these numbers and do further calculations. This allows much more freedom in the layout of this info for quoting and ordering the various materials, and for adding other things that maybe aren't in the database.This gives me more control over the way the information is presented and processed. For example, I have a section for building,for hardware, for finishing and for installation, and totals available for each of these stages of the job.

So if there's something in a sub-row that I want to treat differently than other stuff in the list, I use a new class to differentiate it, and a different database header to collect that info separately.

Maybe you can do something similar.


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Thanks for your response, yes I realise I can take the approach you describe. However to my mind its far too involved for what I want to do (I'm being stubborn I know)

The information i need is already there in the subrow, i just want to be able to reference individual figures, not totals.

I've tried using a separate worksheet to reference but again the problem i have struck is that it still can't reference subrows or subcells. If there is a way to do this i'd love to know it.

If i have to have a class or database header for every figure required i might as well just export the original worksheet into excel and save the time - which is what i currently do.



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I have the distinct advantage of building basically the same thing over and over in different permutations, so this is all set up in a template.

The problem with trying to reference the subrows is that their position in the list changes when you add new objects, so their index numbers shift all the time. I guess thats something for the engineers to work on :-)



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