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Rendering Problem

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I have been having a reoccurring problem with rendering parts of some of my sets. I have been using a polyline to draw the rather complex outline of my stage and then extruding a little bit (.05?) so that I can give it a fill and a texture. It is in its own layer and class and is then locked to prevent if from being moved. I put the set pieces on top of this in different layers (all in the same scale) and classes with fills and textures. It works in wireframe but when I try to render it with any of the Renderworks commands, I get a number of different results. The most consistent is that I will get the stage floor to render with no set and then it disappears from the screen and then it renders again but this time I get the set rendered with no floor. I also had the floor get stuck in a rendered view even when the wireframe view is checked. I have tried various aspects and ways of doing the stage floor, locked when rendering, unlocked, turning the polyline into a floor. I did get it to work successfully for one set but I am not sure what I did on that one drawing that worked. I am using 11.51 on PC but it is not machine related as it happens at both the home and office. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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