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Insurance for a VW Dongle

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After a panic for about a week, over the loss of my Dongle, I finally called my House's Insurers: They took great pleasure in telling me that I wasn't covered under my present policy.

So a question . . .

Does anyone have any tips to make sure this sort of problem doesn't happen again; where I am covered, and to get the most value from what I have always thought as a 'Protection Racket'?

(aside from never losing it in the first place)

I work from home, and live in the UK.

What's your preferred approach?

PS: I managed to recover this particular dongle: I found it in the bottom of my vacuum cleaner's bag.

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By what you say it sounds like your insurance company won't cover you for loss of computer or other business related equipment either.

If working from home its best to make this clear to your insurance company and pay extra to cover yourself. If they won't then you'll need to change insurers or get an additional policy for this.

As regards the dongle, at home I leave mine plugged in at the back of the tower unit. I figure if the machine gets stolen I'm going have to claim anyway, and the odds on it getting stolen are less than the odds against me losing/damaging the dongle by constantly removing/inserting or damaging it whilst away from the computer, then having to buy another.

I did unplug it at first, but a couple of scares with it "lost" made me decide to leave it in the computer.

At work its the same but in the back of the Apple Cinema monitor.

Of course having a laptop and it sticking out the side etc. is a different matter. I'd remove it then and find one safe place to put it and always use that same place.

I can understand CU's point of view as regards a missing dongle, you could be trying to get a second license on the cheap, but I don't think you'll be charged full price if it goes faulty and you return it. Well I hope not anyway.


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Dongles on laptops are a nightmare as there is always the risk of losing or damaging the damned things. I wish there was another solution.

I did learn recently that the Archicad people here in Australia now offer what they call mobile dongle cover at $A1,000 per annum. If you don't take the insurance out and do lose their dongle they won't replace it. You have to purchase a new license. It seems to me it is just hard nosed commercialism aimed at leveraging more money out of their users. The person who told me about it is less than impressed at being forced to fork out another $A1,000 per annum.

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