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Framing schedules

Daryl Wood

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I have a floor framing plan designed using the framing by polyline tool. Now, if I select one of the joists, the object info palette "length" field tells me it is say 12'6",

I have created a record format that includes the joist label reference field "Ref", a description field "Type", a quantity field "Qty" and a length field "Length".

Now, if I create a worksheet for a schedule and have it summed to get the joist quantity, how can I have it tell me the length of the joists, say 12'6", and have the length data dynamically linked to the length field in the object info palette? If this is possible, and I have to change a wall position which will say lengthen my joists, the length field automatically updates. What I'm looking for is to tap the system variable that contains the length information that is displayed in the object info palette.

Is this possible or am I nuts!


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No you're not nuts ... recall that each instance of the joist object has a unique ID# ... but you do not have access to that number. But, you can assign the joist objects to a unique class( S-FLR-JST ) and then use that class within

the database search criteria ... C='S-FLR-JST' .

Also, you can attach records and then assign field values and use the ='record.field' criteria.

The User modifiable OIP fields are accessible and searchable.

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