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Ability to select more than one door at a time...



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George's link refers to making doors and windows into symbols. This is certainly not the same. Multiple selection of doors and windows has been on my wishlist for a long time.

What if I want to globally change the dimension of my trim, or the thickness of various lineweights? I still cannnot make that global change. I cannot do it with symbols or PIOs.

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The link addresses Jodyb17's question, but ends up in a discussion of the pro's & con's of converting PIO's to symbols because you cannot select or change PIO's globally.

This is from the VW Help File:

"One-time editing: Changes to the symbol definition automatically update all the instances of the symbol in the drawing."

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Thanks George. Yes symbols are wonderful when they represent more than one copy. However, even if I made all of my doors and window into symbols, I would still have 10, 20, 30... different symbols due to the different sizes and configurations.

A global change to a common attribute would still entail modifying many symbols. So while symbols can be a valuable tool, I do not see them as a solution to the stated wishlist topic/problem.

I need/want to be able to be able to select all of my doors & windows and make a global change to a common attribute.

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