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create section viewports


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Go to the VIEW>CREATE VIEWPORT command and select it after you have built your model. Start with a simple project....maybe just stack some extrusions on top of each other so you can learn how to use the TOOLS>ORGANIZATION commmand and set-up your classes, layers, viewports and sheets.

You need to have a sheet made to insert a viewport to. Once that is done then you can creat a viewport and set it to that sheet and define the classes and layers you want to see in the viewport. When finished hit OK and you will be taken to the VP on the sheet you selected.

If you are getting gaps between the layers then you have not set up the level of your model correctly....go back to model setup or tools...organization and make sure that the levels are stacked one on top of the other.

download this ZIP file of one of my projects.


bounce around in it to see how I set things up so you can see an example.

Pete A

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