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Some Keyboard Shortcuts dead in 12.5

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Hi, previous to 12.5, you could change your layer and class visibilites (Active Only, Gray Others etc) with keyboard commands:


Does this work anymore? It is still listed in the Help File in Keyboard Shortcuts. Anyone else?

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Interesting, the shortcuts were unchanged in the workspace but still did not work.

I then changed the trim shortcut tool to "T", and then it seemed as if the workspace was working again - so its just a small glitch, and everything works now.

Thanks for the idea!

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If you are using a custom workspace, you need to update the workspace by removing and adding back in the menus and tools that were changed in 12.5. A list of these are included in the rtf file in the workspaces folder.

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Katie this is the rtf file in the workspace folder, but where is the list of changed tools?

"Macintosh Workspace Changes Since 12.0.0

For 12.5.0

New Features

Class Options > Gray/Snap Others

Create Bill of Materials

Create Parts List

Edit Viewport Annotation

Edit Viewport Crop

Edit Viewport Design Layer

Export High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI)...

Export PDF

Export PDF(Batch)...

Export KML(3D Only)...

Import SketchUp...

Invert Selection

Layer Options > Gray/Snap Others

Changed Features

"Display or Hide Constraints" was renamed to "Show or Hide Constraints".

"Stack Layers" has to be removed and re-added to the workspace.

Export PDF(Quartz only) is now only in the Classic and Standard workspaces"

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