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DWG Import Dimension Problem



I am trying to import a DWG architectural file: a drawing of a building that is about 480' x 320'. I want to fit it on a 11" x 17" page (horizontal layout) so I set up the blank VW document at 11 x 17 and 1"=30' scale.

When I import the DWG (Import Single DWG), I also choose 1"=30' scale in the DWG Import Options menu but, instead of a drawing that nicely fills the 11 x 17 page, I end up with a tiny little drawing in the middle of the blank page. In the Import Options, for Model Space Units, if I choose Determine Automatically or Use VectorWorks Documents Units, that little drawing ends up in a wildly small scale (what should be 10 feet ends up as 10 inches). If I choose Determine Automatically and check the Set VectorWorks Units to Match box, I end up with the same little drawing, but the scale of the drawing is correct (what should be 10 feet is 10 feet).

Any idea what is going on here?

VectorWorks 12.5 (Designer)

Mac, OS 10.3.9

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Thank you Jonathon. Very clear pod-cast, easy to understand. I get that I can rescale everything and make come out right but...

when I export this file and send it back to the folks who sent it to me, will having rescaled everything confuse their system? and...

why do we need to do this in the first place? Isn't the scale of the original drawing embedded in a DWG file and can't VectorWorks somehow understand that?

Thanks again for your help.


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