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Centering around objects when changing views



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This is one of the reasons the Flyover tool had some new modes added to it for VW 12. The object flyover mode lets you select an object and flyover the object as if rotating around the object.

The new mode in 12.5 that lets you set the pivot point of the flyover tool is also helpful in controlling how the objects are rotated when changing views.

The way this mode works is you click in the drawing one time to set the x,y,z axis to fly about and then you hold the mouse button or wheel button down + control key to fly around.

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It's a pain to have to have to constantly do extra steps at every view change when modelling.

Strangely, I guess, it's never bothered me. I learned to use the flyover tool in the mode suggested by Katie, and I always expected that the standard views would revert to centering on the origin. It never occured to me that it could be otherwise!

Nicholas, what would you suggest be the exact method? Would we select an object and hold down a particular key to get the standard view mode to select a different centering?

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I imagined that at it's simplest, it should work a bit like Fit to Objects.

IE: if nothing is selected changing from front view to side view will centre on the extents of the drg (or the origin), but if something is selected, then changing to side view will take you to the side view *of the object*.

It seems to me a sort of obvious thing for the programme to do, but it's probably the sort of things I'm doing with it. (modelling futniture)

VW is not "really" a modeling programme though is it? At it's core, it's really an architectural package that has (some quite strong) modelling capabilities. I think that focus is reflected strongly in the developers' implementation of the various features and attributes of the programme.

It's certainly no Rhino.

BTW, wasn't it you that wanted the "root" objects of extrudes to stay put on the screen when the extrude is edited? (I might just be confused ;-)



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Nicholas, sounds like a good way to structure it, though I tend to think that adding a keyboard modifier to the command sequence would save us the trouble of having frequent inadvertant results.

I'm curious about Rhino, since I own a copy but seldom use it ever since VW came up with their NURBS package. Do you find that VW works better for you?

And yes, I'm the one who has been asking (for years) that the 2d root objects of extrudes move in lockstep with the 3d objects.

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Other programs (Arch. Desktop) are aware of the objects drawn and adjust the drawing to their center point, not an arbitrary point such as the origin. I have always found it annoying to have to readjust after changing my view. Use of the Flyover or Fit to Object are work-arounds! I'm assuming that it is a legacy in the code from Minicad and not on the priority list.

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