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Wall Insertions

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Select the object in the wall and go to the Obj Info Palette.

Does the bold, black wording at the top (above Layers and Classes drop down boxes) display Door, Door in Wall, Symbol, Symbol in Wall, or something else? (If it's something else, please include the title)

The other thing to check is where the walls start in the elevation. Make sure the walls are starting somewhere around 0" and that the door has a reasonable insertion mode relative to the height of the wall.

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Even with a wall height of "0" a door or window will still insert properly and even display in 3D (though the wall will not have any 3D character) simpson is probably seeing as Michael put it "the ceiling class in visible".

simpson....you should try to see if you have a 3D model by selecting the number 1,3,7 or 9 keys in the number pad...this will give you a quick iso to look at.....if your walls are at "0" height than you will see a bunch of doors and windows suspended in above the zero height walls. Oh...well go back and edit the layer"Z" height level in the Tools>Organization>Design Layers and set up the level heights for each floor height.

Pete A

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